Secure payment

Secure online payments can be made by:

Bank Transfer

The production process will not start until the credit is reflected in the account, the bank confirmation will not be valid unless it comes directly from the bank. We do not accept proofs in PDF or similar that can be modified.

Credit Card

Payment by credit card: VISA or MASTERCARD through Virtual POS, the production process will begin as soon as the payment is validated, which is usually immediately.

In case of payment error, check if your card allows online payments or check with your bank.


We have an integrated module for BIZUM, but in any case where it is necessary to make a direct BIZUM, contact us first by WhatsApp since it is another mobile number.

As with the card, the process will be marked as Paid immediately after, if the entire payment process has been correct and no errors have occurred.


In the case of PayPal, a surcharge will be applied to the total order, depending on the amount.

In the same way as the card or the Bizum, the status of the order will change to Paid immediately after confirming the payment automatically through the bank's computer systems and the web.


WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENTS for this you must make an account deposit, as if it were a bank transfer.