White Neoprene Mask

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Approved neoprene mask with 92% personalized protection.

Full color sublimation marking.

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White neoprene non-sanitary protection anti-contamination mask.

Breathable fabric that prevents water or saliva from penetrating the fabric.

Customizable on one or both sides of the seam.

Approved masks.

  • Tested to filter. You don't need any kind of filter.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Water-repellent fabric, does not allow water or saliva to pass through.
  • Complies with UNE EN0065> 92%.
  • Antibacterial protection that is maintained even after many washes.
  • Elastic rubber to hold it, allowing the correct adaptation
  • Individually protected in a snap-lock bag


  • Adult / Large: 15.5 cm x 20.5 cm / Marking area: 8 x 6 cm (height x width)
  • Child / Small: 14.3 cm x 18 cm / Marking area: 6 x 5 cm (height x width)


Fabric certificate

It indicates its composition, type of finish and additions, necessary tests, results and manufacturing process.

OEKO TEX certificate

It confirms that the fabric supports printing, its proper preparation and handling, making it a product suitable for the generic public.

Water-repellent fabric certificate

It certifies that the tissue has undergone laboratory protocols and is considered water-repellent, with high and very high intolerance levels for tests of water and all kinds of liquids.

UNE Certificate

Regulated conclusions for art 5168 for white neoprene masks: Fabric check and protection of 92.5% certified standard EN0065> 90% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency). Total absence of any negative grade / level.

How to wash and disinfect the masks

The Ministry of Health has published a guide for cleaning and disinfecting reusable hygienic hydrophobic masks. There are three options:

In the washing machine

The first of these is washing and disinfecting the masks with normal detergent and water at a temperature between 40 and 60 degrees and in a normal washing machine cycle.

With bleach

The second is based on soaking the masks in a 1:50 bleach dilution with warm water for 30 minutes. Then wash with soap and water and rinse well to remove any residual bleach and allow to dry.

With virucidal products

The third method is the use of any of the virucidal products authorized by the Ministry of Health for PT2 (environmental use) that have passed the Norm 14476 of virucidal activity and are registered for use by the general public. You can check the list of these products.

Following the manufacturer's recommendations and paying special attention to the diluted or not use of the product and the contact times necessary for the disinfecting activity. After the completion of this procedure, the masks will be washed with plenty of soap and water to remove any chemical residue and allowed to dry.


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White Neoprene Mask

White Neoprene Mask

Approved neoprene mask with 92% personalized protection.

Full color sublimation marking.